April 10th – June 28

Tempesta Gallery presents:

“Mutative Transitions into Organic Utopia”

a site-specific project by ALJOSCHA

Tempesta Gallery is pleased to present the bioistic installation and additional biofuturistic works by Ukrainian artist Aljoscha. The exhibition offers an immersion into the multiverse of delicately colored and translucent forms created by the artist, inviting the audience to reflect on eudaimonism, a doctrine that considers happiness natural for humans and assigns to human life the task of achieving it, alongside bioethics, a field of research and reflection that aims to study the complex moral, social, and legal issues raised by developments in the life sciences.

Aljoscha’s works are a testament to the mutations and beauty that can unfold, conveying a message of hope towards a world where the abolition of suffering is not just a mirage but a step towards continuous bliss. Using a medium of organic and synthetic matter, often made from fiberglass and bioplastics, the artist creates pieces that go beyond the traditional understanding of art, drawing inspiration from life itself as an experiential process and the potential of our biology.

Within the exhibition space, Aljoscha combines his artworks into a superorganism, reassembling and recombining the oldest dreams and hopes of our species. The installation, multicolored yet transparent, extends from the ceiling in an ethereal web of intertwining that invites wonder and contemplation.

Aljoscha’s work lays the foundation for a dialogue between eudaimonia and composition, delving into the complexities of mutations, suffering, and bliss: it is a visual and imaginative effort, an attempt to build a world where diversities are not condemned but celebrated.

Through these suspended forms, the artist tells a story of transitions, an evolution guided not by blind chance but by ethical wisdom and biofuturism. His work is inspired by the ideas of David Pearce, a proponent of transhumanism, a philosophical and intellectual movement that advocates for improving human conditions by developing and widely deploying sophisticated technologies that can significantly enhance longevity, cognition, and well-being. It also studies a method to eliminate suffering through human redesign, transforming into a new reality of reason towards an exceptional future, marked by thoughts on post-humanism and protection from existential risks.

In the eclectic space of Tempesta Gallery, the distinctions between natural and unnatural blur, inviting the audience to imagine a future where every cell of future beings could be composed on the basis of hope, kindness, and a lasting quest for understanding and acceptance.

Aljoscha’s work not only stimulates reflection but also debate; the implications of such ecosystem projects raise significant questions about the use of biology as such a fundamental tool. However, perhaps this is precisely the artist’s goal: to provoke questions, challenge, and push towards a conversation about what our biological dystopia or dream might be.

Tempesta Gallery invites the public to immerse themselves in this extraordinary exhibition, exploring Aljoscha’s visions of a biologically and morally enriched future.

The exhibition will be open to the public from April 11 to June 28, 2024, at Tempesta Gallery – Foro Buonaparte 68, Milan.


Foro Buonaparte 68

April 11 – June 28

Tuesday to Friday 15:00 – 19:00