A new sea view space visible 24 hours a day

The Foro Bonaparte 68 gallery doubles with a project that goes beyond the traditional exhibition by presenting a new temporary space visible 24 hours a day to anyone: a white parallelepiped overlooking the sea. Tempesta Gallery inaugurates on June 1 Tempesta Art Box which consists of a single window always open to the gaze of passers-by and visitors located in Liguria in San Michele di Pagana.

Liguria is the sea of ​​Milan, the stop when the summer arrives for the first swim, this small village, fraction of Rapallo, squeezed between rocks and a group of houses in one of the most suggestive areas of the area collects the characteristics related to the imagery of the Italian summer: small arcades, wooden establishments, striped umbrellas, small fishing boats, nets, buoys, crystal clear waters, freshly baked focaccia.
From this love for the place and the dialogue with the surrounding nature comes the desire of Elisa Bonzano and Enrico Angelino, respectively art director and director of Tempesta Gallery, to fix an artistic and cultural point of view towards experimental exhibition solutions, an opportunity to create an unexpected suggestion with the intention of introducing new reflections into the rules of the artistic system, a discovery towards what “is not seen” at first sight which amplifies the beauty of a special place.

The Tempesta Art Box project in via San Michele in Pagana 126 opens with the visual and geometric works of Carlo Galli on June 1st and continues on August 1st with the impalpable poetry of the photographic shots of Arianna Lago.


San Michele in Pagana 126 (Genoa)

Always open!


The site specific project “Memories” by urban artist Carlo Galli.
A series of intricate patterns and immersive shapes, created with colored adhesive vinyl, are the protagonists of the dynamic installation that involves the entire environment. A changing and polychromatic substance slowly slides from the ceiling to the floor of the room, the fluid and the polka dot shapes generate an optical illusion creating infinite connections that symbolize the thoughts and traces that have shaped the artistic identity of Carlo Galli.

The viscous substance evokes an emotional territory that flows in an unstoppable movement. Memories are changing and engaging, but also intricate and complex. The artist reflects on his own experiences capturing the essence of memory and experiencing the present through swirling elements and hypnotic shapes.