[0] (serie dei pilastri)
Paper, brass, empty space
installation view

Palazzo Hercolani Bonora, Bologna

[0] N2 (serie dei pilastri) 2022
Paper, brass, empty space

L30 P30 cm Altezza variabile

Drawing On Big Scale, 2015
Brass, steel cables, empty space, Variable dimension
Installation view
O’ Art Space, Milano / Circus Studios, Milano

Carlo Cossignani in dialogue with Adolfo Wildt

Milano Drawing Week 2022
installation view at Galleria Renata Fabbri Ph: Marco Cppelletti

Carlo Cossignani in dialogue with Adolfo Wildt

Milano Drawing Week 2022
installation view at Galleria Renata Fabbri Ph: Marco Cppelletti


watercolour on paper L56 A76,5 cm



His work focuses on a deeper understanding of one’s own human nature. The artist explores its contradictory aspects, stemming from the dual relationship between the sensible and intelligible worlds, observing the relationships that exist between opposing dimensions and values whose complementarity, according to Cossignani, resolves as a phenomenon of a single substance. Whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, his images are constructed like architectures around a subtle dialogue with emptiness, understood as substance in becoming. It is within this void that forms define themselves in their duality between presence and absence, light and shadow, sleep and wakefulness. It is in this delicate balance between the parts that the artist accesses that dimension of perceived reality where appearances give way to similarities, where subjects strip themselves of all resistance, allowing themselves to be shaped by imperceptible presences in order to make them complete, where an order of equality gives way to an order of similarity.


Carlo Cossignani (Porto San Giorgio, Italy, 1981). His practice is characterized by an ongoing exploration that freely moves between painting, sculpture, and site-specific projects. This interdisciplinary approach has led him from the outset to expand his engagement with experimental cinema, collaborating with internationally renowned directors and musicians. This cross-pollination led him, between 2007 and 2011, to be active in the underground scene of electronic and experimental music, presenting audiovisual projects of a performative nature at the most important venues and festivals in the field. In recent years, his work’s focus has returned to the relationship with space, with cycles of works and installation projects exhibited at venues such as the Triennale in Milan and the National Gallery in Rome. He lives and works in Milan.


2023, NOTTURNO – PALAZZO HERCOLANI BONORA /a cura di Domenico de Chirico – Bologna,Italia
2018, NEW PERSPECTIVE – LA GALLERIA NAZIONALE /a cura di Denis Curti – Roma,Italia
2018, NEW PERSPECTIVE – TRIENNALE DI MILANO /a cura di Denis Curti – Milano,Italia
2017, HIT PARADE – MAUTO /a cura di Francesca Canfora – Torino,Italia
2016, PARADOX – TORINO ESPOSIZIONI /a cura di Maria Azahara Hernando – Torino,Italia
2015, DRAWING ON A BIG SCALE – O’ ARTSPACE /a cura di On-0 project – Milano,Italia
2015. OTHER DIALOGUES – ARCHIVIO DELL’ARCHITETTURA CONTEMPORANEA /a cura di Giusy Palumbo – Salerno,Italia 2015, DIALOGUES – CIRCUS STUDIOS /a cura di Karin Muller – Milano,Italia


2016, DRAWING ABOUT EMPTINESS – ANTEMPRIMA / Fuori Salone- Milano,Italia 2011, MONOCHROME – FABBRRICA EUROPA /Stazione Leopolda – Firenze,Italia 2010, SEGNO LIQUIDO – STREAMFEST /Cinema Ambiente – Galatina,Italia 2010, LIVE PERFORMING – NETMAGE /Palazzo Re Enzo – Bologna,Italia

2008, SEGNO LIQUIDO – ROBOT FESTIVAL /Palazzo Re Enzo – Bologna,Italia