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Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo

Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo è un'artista americana con sede a Berlino. Ha studiato con TJ Demos al Maryland Institute College of Art e successivamente all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Cracovia, in Polonia.

Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo

Il nucleo del lavoro di D'Angelo affronta la paura, la vulnerabilità e ciò che è quindi invisibile attraverso video, neon, installazioni e sculture. Attingendo a narrazioni personali, esperienza e memoria, esplora comportamenti osceni e condizioni precarie e tenta di ridefinire ciò che è normale abbracciando la differenza come fonte di ispirazione e empowerment per scoprire nuovi mezzi di accettazione e, in definitiva, di guarigione.


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Curriculum Vitae


2006 BFA Painting, The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow - PL
2001-04 The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland - USA


2022 Violent Desires, SOMA Artspace, Berlin
2019 GHOSTS, Galerie im Turm, Berlin
2019 Winner Takes All, Alpha Nova and Galeria Futura, Berlin
2011 Spectacular Society, Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin
2011 Proof of Purchase, Arts and Sciences Projects, NYC


2025 Viral Intimacies, nGbk, Berlin
2025 Tempesta Gallery, Milan
2024 Flesh to Flesh, curated by Domenico de Chirico, Palazzao Hercolani / Silaw Studio Legale, Bologna
2024 one possibility / In free fall, curated by Horse&Pony, Exgirlfriend, Berlin (April 6th)
2024 The Sum of Our Parts, Swivel Gallery, NYC (May4th)
2024 I'll Be Your Mirror: Reflections of the Queer Contemporary, curated by Might Real/Queer Detroit, Elaine L. Jacbob Gallery, (June1)
2022 An Overture of Grief and Joy, Kunstverein Braunschweig
2022 The House of Challenging Orders, Vienna Art Week, Vienna
2022 I saw you staring out in space, Galerie P6, Berlin
2022 Empowerment, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany
2022 How (Not) to Fit In, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, Germany
2022 Stampede: Eight Years at Horse and Pony, Horse and Pony, Berlin
2022 Like Water, Top Project Space, Berlin
2022 Pornotopia Revised, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
2021 Into the Drift and Sway, Bärenzwinger, Berlin
2021 Hell, Yes!, Horse and Pony, Berlin
2021 arcHIV, Searching for Traces, Schwules Museum, Berlin 2020 &I< 3U2, Galeria Studio, Warsaw, Poland
2020 Trio Exhibition, Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin
2020 Paganismus, Neues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop, Germany
2020 Drift, Fonda, Leipzig
2020 01_Love, Taipei Digital Arts Festival, Digital Art Center, Taipei
2020 Rear Window, Hua International, Berlin
2019 Chimera, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
2019 Mauer Mauer, GSL Projects, Berlin
2018 A Strong Desire, PS120, Berlin
2018 Requiem for a Failed State, Halle14, Leipzig
2018 Nothing Less!, VBKÖ, Vienna
2018 Intimacies and Imagined Futures, New York University Asia Pacific Institute and SOMA Artspace, Berlin
2018 Breathing the Ultimate Wave, Galerie Sprechsaal, Berlin
2018 EDEN, Pomada Queer Culture Festival, Warsaw
2017 Migrating Stories, The Screen City Biennial, Stavanger, Norway
2015 Satellite Effects and Other Lines of Flight, District School without Center, Berlin
2015 Precarious Art: Resistance and Protest, Alphanova and Futura Galerie, Berlin
2013 Alter Angle, Somos Artspace, Berlin
2012 Volta Art Fair, NYC
2012 Manisensations, Leap Galerie, Berlin
2011 Preview Art fair, Berlin, Germany
2010 Are You Coming Too?, September Galerie, Berlin
2010 A Dream Within a Dream, The Korean Culture Center, Berlin 2009 The Pleasure Seekers, Chashama Gallery, NYC
2009 Like a Moth to a Flame, Exile Gallery, Berlin


2023 Videoart at Midnight #134 ChristaJoo Hyun D'Angelo, Screening at Babylon, big cinema hall, 12 midnight, Berlin
2023 Fatal Attraction Book Launch and Artist Talk at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
2023 Femi(ni)zid, MK&G Freiraum Museum fuer Kunst & Gewerbe, Hamburg, Dec 3
2023 Conversation with Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany
2023 Cinematographic Aesthetics of Gender, Muthesius Art Academy, Kiel, Germany
2022 Art at a Time Like This and Nowness Present Excelsior, Quad Cinema, NYC
2022 Freie Universität , Berlin, Germany
2021 Imaging Queer Bandung, SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA, Haus der Statistik, Berlin
2021 Shaping the Past, Goethe-Institut, D.C.
2021 On Illness, Resistance and Collective (Health)care, DistrictSchool without Center, Berlin
2021 Past as Process, Artist Talk, Goethe-Institut, D.C.
2021 Memory of HIV/AIDS Care and Activism, District
School without Center, Berlin
2020 Camera Memory for Human Forgetfulness, Screening, Goethe-Institut / Arsenal Institute for Film &Video, Berlin
2020 Past Present Tense, Ashley, Berlin
2020 Berlin Art Link Presents Race, Migration and Sexuality, Soho House, Berlin
2020 Viral Resistance, Dervia, Berlin
2020 What Voices Can Achieve, HIV and Race, VIA Berlin and Queer Asia, Refugia
2019 Ciclo Rosa Film Festival, Cinemateca de Bogotá 2019 Galerie im Turm, Artist Talk with Melike Yildiz (AfroLebenPlus), Berlin
2019 Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art, Winnipeg, Cananda
2018 DDR and Multiculturalism, Halle 14, Leipzig
2018 Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange, Asia/Pacific/American Institute at NYU and SOMA Artspace, Berlin
2018 Polarization through Enemy Images, Artist Talk / Screening, The European University, Berlin
2016 Cultural Appropriation and Pursuit of the Next Big Thing, Indie Magazine, Berlin
2016 KinoNacht, Kino Central, Berlin
2015 Scottish International Queer Film Festival, Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
2015 Past Present Tense, xart splitta, Berlin
2015 The NYC Porn Film Festival, Secret Project Robot, NYC
2014 District*School without Center, Berlin
2014 Novia University, Jakobstad, Finland
2013 LGBTQ History Month, University of the Arts, London, UK
2012 Post-Election Roundtable Discussion, University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


2023 Mousse Publishing, Fatal Attraction (monograph), October
2023 Gallerytalk, Schwarze Existenzen in Polykrise by Nils Gloistein
2022 TAZ, Tief in den Gedärmen, by Beate Scheder
2022 Posse Magazine, Ever Again (The Inappropriate Minimalist Cruising Remix), Issue 1, by Frederik Luszeit
2021 Gallerytalk,Von queerer Liebe und lebenden Bären, by Alexandra Karg
2020 Gallerytalk, Dreams Come True in Hell at "Hell, Yes" at Horse & Pony, by Lara Broerken
2020 TAZ, Unstoppable Recognition, May
2019 Artforum, Critics Pick, GHOSTS, by Alison Hughill
2019 Zeitung des Deutschen Kulturrates, Im Saloon, Ausgabe 10/19, by Cornelie Kunkat
2019 TAZ, Die Geister Loswerden, by Beate Schweder
2019 Berlin Art Link, Artist Feature, by Emily McDermott
2019 Indie Magazine, This Exhibition is Slamming Stereotypes of Female Sexuality and Race, by Harriet Shepherd
2019 Libertine Magazine, Bitter Sweet Elegy, by Rebecca Heinzmann
2018 4SEE Magazine, Artist Feature, by Justin Ross
2018 Gallerytalk, Sweat Baby, Leonie Huber
2017 Elephant Magazine, Virtual Borders in a Habour Town, by Josie Thaddeus-Johns
2017 University of Rochester Academic Journal, Border Crossings, by Julia Tulke
2017 Libertine Magazine, Feminism Goes Pop, Goes Digital, Issue No.6
2017 Screen City Biennial Exh. Catalog, Stavanger
2016 Artforum, Critics Picks, Winner Takes All, by Arielle Bier
2016 Precarious Art: Protest & Resistance, Alpha Nova Exh.Catalog,
2016 The Guardian, Man or Beast / Why a Pack of Wolves is Terrorizing Berlin, by Morgan Meaker
2016 Material Girl Magazine, Female Empowerment, by Marieke Fischer
2015 Artforum, Critics Picks, Winner Takes All, by Arielle Bier
2015 Precarious Art: Protest & Resistance, Alpha Nova Exh.Catalog, 2015 The Guardian, Man or Beast / Why a Pack of Wolves is Terrorizing Berlin, by Morgan Meaker
2015 Material Girl Magazine, Female Empowerment, by Marieke Fischer
2014 Bendover Magazine, Issue 8
2014 Girls Like Us, Issue 5
2013 The New York Times, Art Shopping for the Stars
2013 Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping, by Maria Gabriela Brito
2012 Kenzo's Kenzine, by Dal Chodha
2012 Huffington Post Online, Virtual Realities Film Week by La John Joseph
2012 Missy Magazine, Defining Identities by Dorothee Barsch
2012, Who's Who, Berlin
2012 Berliner, Der Andere Blick, by Caroline Weidner
2012 FluxFM, Virtual Realities Film Week
2011 Art in America, Atlas: Berlin, by Travis Jeppesen
2011 Spectacular Society Exh. Catalog, Galerie Suvi Lehtinen
2011 Missy Magazine Online, by Ana Maria Michel, August 19th – DE
2011 New York Times T Magazine Online, LowDown, by Alec Friedman, May – USA
2010, Body Art
2010 Indie Magazine, Issue 29
2010 A Dream Within a Dream, Exh. Catalog, The Korean Culture Center of Germany - DE


2023 Catalog Funding Grant, The Senate Department for Culture and Community
2021 Visual Arts Research Grant, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe
2021 Innovative Art Project, The Federal Association of Fine Artists Germany
2020 Forecast Edition 5, mentee nominated
2019 Project Funding Grant by the District Office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
2019 Studio Grant Holder, The Professional Association of Visual Artists, Berlin
2019 Artist in Residence, Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Winnepeg
2014 The Social Art Award, (Short Listed), Berlin
2013 Atelje Stundars Artist in Residence, Korsholm - FI
2010 Artist in Residence, ZIDUL DE HARTIE-ARTFEST RESIDENCY, Sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Programme of Romania


2021 The Federal Collection of Contemporary Art Germany


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